| a ministry of Steve & Janette Karges

Action Plan

The Scripture is clear; God loves every boy and girl and wants them to be saved. Our response to Jesus’ command to “GO” is one of ACTION! Children’s Ministries International’s ACTION PLAN represents Six Strategic Steps of Faith.

AAdvocates for Worldwide Children’s Ministry
CCreate Global Partnerships
TTransform Lives in the 4 to 14 Window
IInternational Leadership Development
OOpen Resource Sharing
NNetwork of Kids’ Retreat Directors

STEP 1: Advocates for Worldwide Children’s Ministry

CMI champions ministry to the whole child (spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical) and to every boy and girl on the planet. We are prayerfully exploring new ideas and innovative models, creating space for the Holy Spirit to guide and expecting unplanned and miraculous outcomes.

STEP 2: Create Global Partnerships

CMI encourages Kingdom-minded networking, sharing and collaboration for the larger vision of seeing millions of children worldwide come to know and follow Christ.

STEP 3: Transform Lives in the 4 to 14 Window

CMI’s focus is on the people-group most open to the gospel…children ages 4 to 14. We are co-laborers with Christ, under His headship, and collaborating with Him in His transformational mission to raise up a new generation from the 4 to 14 Window to transform the world.

STEP 4: International Leadership Development

As participants in the “1 for 50 Initiative,” CMI shares the vision of equipping one outreach and discipleship leader for every 50 children around the world. We are developing leaders globally through vision casting, training, networking and resource-information sharing.

STEP 5: Open Resource Sharing

CMI is committed to giving away information, training and resources in order to pass on the tools and knowledge that enable these gifts to multiply.

STEP 6: Network of Kids’ Retreat Directors

CMI provides leadership, training and “hands-on” support to volunteer recruits who organize and lead three-day, two-night evangelistic camps for 8 to 12 year-old children, known as Weekend Kids’ Retreats.