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“The job of every Christian parent, children’s pastor and children’s ministry leader is to Proclaim the Word (2 Timothy 4:1-3) to boys and girls. We cannot error in teaching Truth, for if we do, those who heed our instruction will be in error, too.

I encourage you to use the following resources, from trusted Bible scholars and teachers, to expand your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. We cannot pass-on Truth to children, if we do not know it ourselves.”

Steve Karges
Founder – President
Children’s Ministries International, Inc.

The Truth Test Recommended Resources (

The Truth Test, a resource of Children's Ministries International, Inc., is a diagnostic tool that offers an assessment of your knowledge and understanding of the Bible. The Truth Test Recommended Resources are combined on this link to provide easy access for deeper Biblical study.

To access The Truth Test, click here.

Bible Gateway (

The Bible Gateway is a free tool for reading and researching scripture online -- all in the language or translation of your choice! There are over 50 online Bibles in 35 languages in text and audio format.

Grace to You (

Grace to You is the preaching and teaching ministry of John MacArthur. “Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time.”

Ligonier Ministries (

Ligonier Ministries is the teaching fellowship of R.C. Sproul. "Bridging the gap between Sunday school and seminary."

Ligonier Connect (

Ligonier Connect offers online learning for growing Christians. There are 55 interactive courses available on your computer or tablet for $9 per month (no contract required).

Answers in Genesis (

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Generations of Grace (

Generations of Grace is a biblically based, affordable, unified curriculum for children ages three to twelve designed to be used in multiple settings for the purpose of edifying teachers, evangelizing children and encouraging families. Generations of Grace is designed to magnify God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture. Over a three-year period, this curriculum covers the narrative of God's redemptive plan.