Adventure Club

“The duty of all parents is to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The saints in the church also are to come alongside the parents to reinforce all biblical truth, as they have opportunities, by instruction and example. Is there a resource that can facilitate this ministry effectively? There is. Adventure Club.” — John MacArthur

The Adventure Club (AC) program takes children through a systematic study of the Scriptures. This program provides a fun, energetic, and theology-focused experience for kids during midweek church services or events. However, the curriculum is suitable for home-schooling or anyone who would like a few extra-curriculum activities!

AC is designed to run for 36 weeks over a standard school year, beginning with the first week of September and ending in May. AC consists of three age groups—Trackers (ages three-five), Scouts (grades 1–3), and Trailblazers (grades 4–6). The topics covered in AC are the Church, the Bible, end times, man, sin, salvation, and the Trinity.

This program offers fun ways for children to learn more about the Bible through lessons, memorizing verses, earning pins, playing games, and singing songs. We do all of this for the ultimate purpose of evangelizing our children and encouraging our parents. We hope and trust you and your child will both enjoy Adventure Club and learn more about God’s word.
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